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A Viable Alternative To Traditional Cigarettes

As technology continues to dominate, more and more cool things are being developed. Currently, E-Cigarette or e-cig is in rage. It is becoming more popular and in demand all over the world. This smokeless cigarette is the latest and perhaps the most successful alternative to traditional cigarettes.

With the help of brand new technology, electronic cigarettes were developed. It is a device that will give smokers a healthier option in smoking whenever and wherever they are. It is beneficial to individuals who have been trying to lower or eliminate their smoking habits. Unlike traditional cigarettes, e-cig is legal in some parts of the world and does not contain most harmful effects that trigger health issues.

Moreover, electronic cigar is designed to act like a real and conventional cigarette. It is a non-tobacco and non-flammable device containing nicotine vapor that smokers inhale. E-cig is a tobacco smoke-free giving smokers the chance to enjoy their habit without some of the risks associate with tobacco.

Furthermore, electronic cigarette can lessen the burden of smokers when it comes to prices and taxes that increased in recent years up until now. With this, smoking will become more possible and you no longer need to worry about your money going down the drain. More so, a lot of people can smoke in places where conventional cigars are prohibited. In the cliché, it brings back the freedom of many people all over the world.

An e-cig has three major parts and these include the following (some e-cigs are two piece and some are three piece):

This is said to be the biggest part of e-cigar and is commonly charged using an AC outlet or USB port. The life of the battery is maximized since smokeless cigarette automatically turns on when smokers inhale and shuts off when the drag is completed. Additionally, most electronic cigarettes are designed with power switch held during use. E-cig’s battery usually last for about 4-6 hours but will depend on your smoking habits.

With the use of a heating coil or an atomizer, e-cig vapor is produced. The vapor has a similar flavor and consistency to that of a traditional cigarette. However, it does not generate actual smoke thus eliminating the risk of fire hazards and second hand smoking.

The electronic cigarette cartridge is a plastic container that is open-ended. It serves as a liquid reservoir and a mouth piece. The cartridge allows the liquid to flow to the atomizer and moves the produced vapor into the mouth of the smoker. When the liquid drains, users can refill or replace the cartridge. A singe cartridge can be used up to 40 electronic cigarettes.
Final thoughts

Electronic cigarette provides solution to the growing dilemma of smokers. It gives healthier options and a freedom to enjoy smoking anywhere and anytime they want. With this, there is no reason why you should stick with traditional cigarettes. This is the right time for people to adapt the new generation of smoking.

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