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E-Cigarettes Vs. the Patch

Millions of smokers have tried the patch, nicotine gum, and even approved cessation medications without satisfaction or results. This can be very frustrating for those who truly do want to kick the habit. It is a waste of money and a few days or weeks that were incredibly miserable.
Most reports on why these other tools did not help to quit smoking say it is because of the habit itself; not because of the nicotine cravings but because of the actions you go through when smoking. If you stick a patch on your arm to deliver nicotine to your body, your hands are still free. You are getting nicotine yet still craving a cigarette.
Yes, unless you are going through the motions of smoking a cigarette, chances are your brain will not register that you are fulfilling your craving. Chewing a piece of gum will keep your mouth busy, but does not deliver the throat hit you are used to. Smokers smoke the majority of the time out of habit, not out of addiction.
If you can light up an electronic cigarette every time your hands feel fidgety or you get bored, kicking the habit just got easier.
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