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Electronic Cigarette Facts You Should Know

If you enjoy smoking but want to do away with the tar and smoke, here are the main electronic cigarette facts that you should know.
The physical resemblance of electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes to tobacco cigarettes, including the LED that lights up at the end when in use, is close enough to fool almost anyone. However, they do not need a lighter or a match; they are powered by a battery. You inhale the fumes created by vaporizing liquid nicotine diluted with propylene glycol. There is neither ash nor smell that can annoy or harm other people around you. The term commonly used to describe the act of using these electronic cigarettes is vaping rather than smoking.

Electronic cigarettes were first manufactured in China in 2003. While they are currently not allowed in certain countries they were introduced into the U.S. market in 2007. They are also available online without any legal age restrictions because they do not contain tobacco. However, the liquid used in these e-cigarettes contains nicotine, which can be addictive for teenagers. Their use is influenced by popular movie stars like Johnny Depp and Katherin Heigl using electronic cigarettes on screen. Many countries are in the process of legislating how and where people can publicly use e-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes can be reused; the cartridge containing the nicotine liquid can be refilled. One e-cigarette is equivalent to smoking 40 tobacco cigarettes on average; this makes them much cheaper than regular cigarettes. Electronic cigarette models that need the empty cartridge to be replaced are also available, but the refillable models are less destructive to the environment. The battery charges within one to two hours in most cases, after an eight-hour initial charging.

Nicotine is a relaxant and a stimulant. Many people wanting to quit the smoking habit have used e-cigarettes to calm their nerves, de-stress, and still allow for the smoking sensation while nearly eliminating a lot of the harmful effects of tobacco cigarettes. It is possible to control the nicotine content in the liquid within the e-cigarette cartridge. While some electronic cigarettes contain an equal amount or more nicotine than tobacco cigarettes, you can in fact avoid nicotine entirely, replacing it with flavored liquids like apple, lime, coffee, mint and vanilla; this gives you the sensory pleasure of smoking without any harm to your lungs, much like a placebo.

So there you have it. I hope you found this quick “crash course” about e-cigarettes to be useful. E-cigarettes are being talked about a lot these days, and it’s only going to increase as more and more people make the switch. Check out CIGAVETTE’s electronic cigarette starter kits and find the e-cig for you. Make the switch today!

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