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How do Electronic Cigarettes Work?

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are battery-operated replacements for tobacco cigarettes. They are generally designed to look the same as tobacco cigarettes and the user even lets out puffs of ‘smoke’ or vapor, but here, no lighter or match is used for combustion. They vaporize a liquid that contains nicotine, and the user inhales these vapors to simulate the act of smoking. Due to the absence of tobacco, these cigarettes are thought to be less harmful to the lungs. The user can control the proportion of nicotine present in the e-cigarette. Since there is no ash or smoke, it’s much less messy than smoking tobacco. If you have wondered “How do electronic cigarettes work,” here is a detailed description of the three main parts in this device.


The plastic cartridge resembles the butt of a regular cigarette; it is a container that opens at both ends. One end connects to the atomizer to vaporize the liquid, while the other end sends the vapor into the user’s mouth. There are two separate channels for the liquid and the vapor within the cartridge, so there is no danger of the smoker consuming the liquid. One cartridge can hold the equivalent of forty tobacco cigarettes. It is also possible to entirely avoid using a container for the liquid, but to drip it directly onto the atomizer.


The cartridge is fitted to another plastic container called the atomizer. This holds a tiny coil that heats the liquid and vaporizes it. The liquid is taken into the atomizer unit from the cartridge through a slim wick or filament, which can collect residue with continuous usage; it needs to be regularly cleaned or replaced. Some e-cigarettes combine the cartridge and atomizer units into one container called the cartomizer. CIGAVETTE uses a two-part electronic cigarette for ease of use.


The liquid used in the e-cigarette contains nicotine concentrate that is diluted in a propylene glycol solution. Sometimes polyethylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are mixed with the base solution. It is also called e-liquid or smoke juice, and comes pre-filled in disposable cartridges. It can also be purchased in a bottle for refillable cartridges, which makes e-cigarettes cheaper than regular cigarettes.


The battery is the largest component of an electronic cigarette. It can be charged via a USB or AC outlet. E-cigarettes are made portable by fitting them with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The device can be switched on either manually or triggered by inhaling deeply through the open end of the cartridge; the airflow sensor detects this signal and activates the unit to start the vaporization process. An LED may be fitted at the front of the e-cigarette device to indicate when it is in use; it resembles the lit end of a tobacco cigarette. A large battery designed to resemble a cigarette pack functions as a portable charging case for individual batteries in each electronic cigarette.

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