WARNING: CIGAVETTE products may contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50. Use code SMOKEFREE to save 10%


The CIGAVETTE mission is to provide an alternative smoking experience to the world, free of the unpleasantness associated with traditional tobacco cigarettes. Along with that comes our pledge to meet the highest standards in electronic cigarette safety and quality, for complete satisfaction in every puff. From disposables to refill cartridges, e-cigars and accessories, CIGAVETTE.co is your one-stop online electronic cigarette store.


CIGAVETTE is THE premium brand in affordable nicotine vapor products.

In electronic cigarette reviews, on blogs and wherever CIGAVETTE users hang out, you’ll hear about CIGAVETTE’s satisfying flavor, smooth vapor and easy usage. Plus, compared to the known risks of traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarette safety is something you can feel good about. A CIGAVETTE has no tar, ashes, odor, or secondhand smoke – none of the tobacco negatives that make you want to quit tobacco for good! When you use a CIGAVETTE you never need to have a cigarette again!




  • Longer battery life and more vapor

We use only the highest quality 4.2v batteries. Others have less voltage and lower quality batteries that can compromise electronic cigarette safety.

  • Consistent vapor experience

Our dual-coil heating element is more consistent than the single coil used in other products you’ll find at most gas stations or electronic cigarette stores.

  • Reliable smart chip operation

The Smart Chip is the brain of your nicotine vapor device. It controls various functions such as battery usage, voltage, the heating element, and the vaporization process.

  • State-of-the-art manufacturing

Our products are made in ISO certified clean rooms and are RoHS, TUV, and CE certified.



  • Thicker vapor for a satisfying ‘hit”

Our liquid nicotine mixtures produce a rich, flavorful vapor that satisfies. How safe are electronic cigarettes compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes? The difference with a CIGAVETTE is you can enjoy the tobacco flavor experience without the harmful side effects of tobacco.

  • Nicotine vapor blends in a variety of strengths

The amount of nicotine needed to quell the craving varies from person to person. It can also change as you transition from being a smoker to using CIGAVETTE nicotine-free vapor devices. Being able to go from the highest amount of nicotine available in an electronic cigarette to a no-nicotine version is what sets CIGAVETTE apart.



Tobacco is the hardest flavor to reproduce in any electronic vapor device. Over 600 chemicals are added to traditional tobacco just to give it flavor. Until CIGAVETTE it has been almost impossible for any electronic cigarette to consistently make a flavor that tastes like real tobacco.

You get authentic flavor because every CIGAVETTE:

  • Creates an ideal temperature for the liquid nicotine mixture when it is heated and vaporized
  • Battery voltage and heating element work consistently and ensure electronic cigarette safety


No matter how good the liquid nicotine mixture, you will not get the best flavor, vapor, and/or nicotine content with a poor vaporizing system.

CIGAVETTE's liquid nicotine mixture comes in two flavors, Tobacco and Menthol. As one of the first e-cigs companies to launch back in 2010, we've kept it simple and stuck to the basics, since these are the two flavors the majority of smokers currently use. Our primary goal and focus is to help tobacco smokers successfully use electronic cigarettes to transition away from tobacco. How safe are electronic cigarettes? You won’t find the chemicals added to tobacco cigarettes, and there is no tar, no unpleasant odor, and no secondhand smoke.

https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0031/0319/5236/files/cbbb-non-accred-a-plus.png?1830951613591582778  CIGAVETTE is rated A+ by the BBB of Los Angeles

It's NOT a cigarette... IT'S A CIGAVETTE!

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