WARNING: CIGAVETTE products may contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50. Use code SMOKEFREE to save 10%

Electronic Cigarette Benefits

Why choose CIGAVETTE

CIGAVETTE Users Enjoy the Many Benefits of a SMOKE and TOBACCO FREE Lifestyle!

  • NO tar, ashes, tobacco, odors, carcinogens, second hand smoke
  • NO contracts
  • NO monthly billing
  • NO long term commitments

Ready to try your first e-cig? Looking for a more satisfying nicotine vape experience? Your satisfaction is guaranteed with CIGAVETTE, the name to remember in electronic cigarettes. Our quality ingredients and advanced vape technology enable us to deliver the best flavor and smoothest vapor at all levels of nicotine content. Another reason to buy electronic cigarettes online here? Affordable prices!

At the heart of the CIGAVETTE vape system* is our patented Smart Chip microprocessor. It controls the precise heating of the liquid nicotine mixture, and it also lights up the LED at the tip of your CIGAVETTE. All you do is inhale and the sensor tells the Smart Chip microprocessor to go to work!

Enjoy the instant gratification of tobacco-like vapor, complete with the familiar glow of a traditional cigarette.

A vaporizer pipe, which often requires a flame, can take 45 seconds or longer to heat up! A CIGAVETTE vaporizer e cig uses a battery to power the atomizer, which in turn heats the nicotine mixture. There is no flame with a CIGAVETTE and no need to wait for the liquid to vaporize. CIGAVETTE allows you to enjoy a vape as soon as you inhale.

Our commitment to the highest standards in electronic vaporizer manufacturing ensures that every product safely produces a consistent vape. E cig competitors using older technology and/or inferior ingredients simply can’t deliver a great experience with every vape.

* CIGAVETTE utilizes a 2-piece electronic vaporizer system made up of a battery and a cartridge. The CIGAVETTE Cartridge contains a built-in atomizer, a microprocessor and a nicotine mixture.

It's NOT a cigarette... IT'S A CIGAVETTE!

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