WARNING: CIGAVETTE products may contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50. Use code SMOKEFREE to save 10%

Why choose CIGAVETTE?

CIGAVETTE is a completely satisfying electronic vapor device, or electronic cigarette, that can help put you on the road to no longer being a cigarette smoker. If you crave the nicotine experience without the tobacco, this is where to buy electronic cigarette products, from e-cigs and vaporizers to electronic cigars and accessories.

As a CIGAVETTE user, you are on your way to successfully making a lifestyle change for the better. Not easy, as you may know! But CIGAVETTE can be a great alternative to traditional smokes. For flavor, nicotine and a realistic experience, this is where to buy electronic cigarettes.

Free from the prohibitions of tobacco smoking, you can buy e cig CIGAVETTE NO-tobacco nicotine vapor devices and use them without spewing secondhand smoke or inhaling tobacco-related carcinogens.

When you buy smokeless e-cigarettes from some big-name brands, you may settle for uneven vapor draw, lackluster flavor and limited selection. CIGAVETTE is different. Our team developed and tested a next-generation nicotine vapor system that uses a state-of-the-art microprocessor and patented 'Smart-Chip' technology.

This is where to buy electronic cigarettes online.

CIGAVETTE offers a consistently smooth draw and a throat hit that satisfies, without tobacco, tar, associated carcinogens, odor, ashes, matches, flames, or secondhand smoke.

By choosing CIGAVETTE you are making a positive lifestyle choice. That’s what you reclaim when you stop using tobacco cigarettes and start using a CIGAVETTE: your right and your choice! We wanted to deviate away from taking the same easy path as everyone else calling it an electronic cigarette – you’re over that! Join the CIGAVETTE smoke-and-tobacco-free lifestyle.


CIGAVETTE® - The "r" went up in smoke

The name CIGAVETTE describes our premium products and the fact they are actually vapor devices and NOT a cigarette at all. CIGAVETTE changes the "r" to a "v" for vapor. Our nicotine vapor products resemble and provide the sensation of a cigarette in a fresh and satisfying alternative. CIGAVETTE is convenient, too. You can buy e cig starter kits, disposables, cartridges, e-cigars, and accessories online now.

We at CIGAVETTE understand what it's like to want and need to make a change, or find an alternative. As former lifelong smokers, every time we heard the word cigarette (electronic or not) it still made us think of the habit we once had. Let us be the first to welcome you to your new way of life – FREE of smoke and tobacco!


Why the name 'CIGAVETTE'?

We wanted to give people the option of talking about our products and devices without using the word cigarette.

To show our commitment, even with the smallest details, to taking a positive step for future ex-smokers to never have to say or think about that word again!

To symbolize our desire to help people successfully make one of the hardest lifestyle changes there is, and stick with it.


CIGAVETTE is the FUTURE of non-smoking!


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